Adafruit LCD 1.8" w/ Joystick

I’m trying to get the LCD 1.8" adafruit display to work on the pynq Z2 with the built in arduino library/example code under /base/arduino directory. When I run the code, nothing happens with the screen. I’ve tried 2 screens on 2 different board and it’s all the same. The only “sign of life” there is on the display is when I hold the reset button on the shield. The backlight stays on during the duration of me holding the button.

Has anyone come across this? If so, how have you worked around it? Any help/feedback is apprecaited!

It might be a wrong module. I found this online:

But I think what we supported was v1. The version v2 might have something changed that we did not expect.

Thanks for the info. Do you know if the .cpp file library is compatible with pynq? If so, how can I compile and call the functions?

Here is the GitHub repository for the library

With the PYNQ base overlay, a MicroBlaze controls the Arduino pins.

You would need to port the code to the MicroBlaze and compile.
From the repo you linked to, I think this peripheral is SPI. For porting, you can usually replace the calls to the SPI with the corresponding SPI calls for the MIcroBlaze.

You can see an example of a different SPI peripheral you may be able to copy from:

You can see there is a spi.h and the corresponding functions that you may be able to reuse in your application.