In booting Failed to start PYNQ PL Server

Hi All,

I have a PYNQ Z2 board.
When starting the board, it displays only one error message below:

  [  OK  ] Started LSB: Load kernel modules needed to enable cpufreq scaling.
              Starting LSB: set CPUFreq kernel parameters...
  [FAILED] Failed to start PYNQ PL Server.
  See 'systemctl status pl_server.service' for details.
  [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Executing from the boot partition.
  [  OK  ] Started LSB: set CPUFreq kernel parameters.

and I have no idea about that.
Here are the partial screenshot.Everything else is OK but this below.

What could be the reason and what should I do?

Thanks in advance.

There is a hint in the bitmaps you posted.
The service is complaining that a particular file can’t be opened?. The file name is cut off in the bitmap. What is the full message?

I’m a college student right now,as well as a beginner to learn pynq.
I’m learning about the project of composable pipeline, but there was another problem before because my pynq version is 2.7.0. I got the answer in another support question (pynq 2.6.2 is required), and there is no SD card reader around me, so I directly uninstall 2.7.0 in terminal and install 2.6.2 through pip.
So I wonder if it is because of these problems, because everything is normal when the above operations have not been done before.

The error message above is the full message I can get.

I suggest you reburn the SD card, this message seems to be related to the downgrading the pynq package.