I have problem with booting PYNQ

I have PYNQ Z2 but it doesn’t boots. It can programmed with verilog bu I can’t boot it from SD Card. I tried many things like giving power source as demanded from several cables, sources etc, changed ethernet cable many times changed SD Card many times but when I powered on my FPGA it doesn’t lights on any LED and any responses of booting. But as I said it can be programmed by usb port.

Hi @Alp_Eren_Kiyak,

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Have you followed the Setup Guide?


You can also troubleshoot using the serial interface as described here



Hi Mario
Yes I have followed the Setup Guide and also several other guides, Thanks for your response. Let me try the USB serial interface in my free time and I will respond to it again.

Mario Ruiz via PYNQ <notifications@pynq1.discoursemail.com>, 17 Eyl 2023 Paz, 08:52 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Unfortunetly it didn’t work, here is output of terminal.

even i have the same issue and how much I change things it doesn’t work, your help is much needed