Runing PYNQ on ZYBO Z7-20

Hi, I am looking for tutorial or any example that cover running PYNQ on ZYBO Z7-20.

Which application are you planning to run on your Zybo board?
Have you checked out the pynq readthedocs documentation for clues about functionality?

Have you checked out the resources on Zybo on the digilent website?

Hi, I already have a data acquisition system in the PL which is based on external trigger. The data is saved in FIFO. In the PS I need to read the FIFO regularly and save the data in the USB flash drive as text file. Can I implement this using PYNQ libraries ? I have checked on the Digilent, there is no info on how to boot ZYBO using PYNQ.

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Has anyone found PYNQ image for ZYBO Z7-20 ? if not then how to build PYNQ image ? Does it need Petalinux already running on Ubuntu ?

You can either have the stock petalinux image, or you are create your own custom pynq image, by creating the OS using say, the yocto project and bitbake command.

Hi, can you please explain a bit more, how to get stock petalinux image for the said board ?