Install SPI module in PYNQ Z2

I am new to this embedded world and I hope someone could help me with my query. I am trying to interface my PYNQ Z2 board with an external device (brickpi3) using the GPIO pins. The brickpi3 expects a SPI communication.
I have earlier managed to establish communication between brickpi3 and RaspberryPi but now I have to do with PYNQ board. From my understanding, Brickpi3 install spi module for raspberrypi and creates a spi device under /dev directory.

lsmod |grep spi
spidev 24576 0

ls /dev/spi*
/dev/spidev0.0 /dev/spidev0.1

Could someone please help me how I can get spi bus in my PYNQ Z2 board. Is there any reference hardware design file that already has SPI included so that I can use that image in my board? or should I create a new Vivado Hardware design and include SPI in Zynq PS block and create a hardware wrapper?
I tried to include the SPI Drivers in the kernel configuration menu (petalinux-config -c kernel) but that did not include the spidev bus under /dev directory. Since I am a newbie I am not sure how to proceed.
It would be really helpful if someone could advise me on how I should get my Brickpi3 start talking with my PYNQ board.

Thank You.