Pynq image for ZCU102

Is there an existing Pynq image for the ZCU102 board, or a pointer to someone who may have done it before?

Hi @nachiket,

There’s no PYNQ image for the ZCU102. However, canonical has recently released an official Ubuntu image for this board Install Ubuntu on Xilinx | Ubuntu


Thanks — is there a way to craft a Pynq image for this board? Is it something that we can expect Xilinx will support in the neat future?

Starting from the BSP and board agnostic image, you can build the PYNQ SD card image.

Information here

Ok, how does this change with the Ubuntu image? Or do I still need to do these steps?

This is independent of the Canonical Ubuntu image.

The Ubuntu-based agnostic image ( rootfs) can be found here PYNQ - Python productivity for Zynq - Board

We do not have a process in place to enable PYNQ on the official Canonical Ubuntu images.

Ah I see. Do you know if anyone has built such an image already for this board? I’d rather not rebuild it if someone has.