Installing Vivado 2020.1 on Ubuntu

Hi, I want to build a PYNQ image v2.6 for ZCU102. I am using Ubuntu 18.04.5 on VirtualBox. PYNQ v2.6 needs Xilinx tool ver 2020.1. However, I faced a problem when installing Vivado 2020.1. (Refer to the image below) Do I need to change my OS to Ubuntu 18.04.4 instead? Or is there another way to solve this java issue?

Hi !
Vivado 2020.1 installer doesn’t support 18.04.>4
you have to trick it to think you have a compatible version by editing on your virtual box.

open /etc/os-release with a text editor having sudo

sudo nano /etc/os-release
edit the lines saying 18.04.5 into 18.04.4
to save and exit
Ctrl X
press y
press enter.

relaunch your installer and it should work now.

make it la/on the ubuntu of your virtual machine