Interrupt error on using two VDMA

I have two video stream and i want to two separate vdma to access them. But if I add a second VDMA to the block diagram, I am getting the following error.

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/ UserWarning: Interrupt s2mm_introut not created: Could not find UIO device for interrupt pin for IRQ number 122
  interrupt, str(e)))

How to overcome this?

Hi @mizan,

How is the interrupt wired up in your design?
An screenshoot of the block design will be very helpful


both vdma connected to the pl_ps_irq[0] via a concat. If pin 1 of concat in is connected to vdma 1, it is working, vdma 2 is not working. If i connect vdma 2 to to pin 1, vdma 2 is working fine, vdma 1 not. If i use pl_ps_irq[1] for connecting any of the vdma, there is another error that doesn’t allow to initiate the overlay.

If i connect the pin 1 to other IP (In this case mipi rx), both vdma can’t be initiated. The only difference in the error is IRQ number, it shows both 122 and 123.

PYNQ does not support the interrupts to be connected like that. You need an interrupt controller

Something like this


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hi @marioruiz,
Thanks. I have added the axi interrupt controller and the error is not showing anymore, but not getting anything from vdma2. Do I need to add some code to the notebook?

No, you don’t need to add anything.
Can you elaborate about the issue?

Sorry, it was not for the interrupt. I wrote the code wrong. Thanks. It is solved.

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