Is there a good tutorial for using Vitis vision library on PYNQ?

I want to create an Overlay from the vitis vision library for a project and searching for a good starting tutorial. Do you know one or where I have to look?

The only clue what I found is this:

I also found how to create an Overlay at the [PYNQ-ComputerVision Repository] but it uses the Xilinx SDx tools and not Vitis (

I am also not sure what a should use…

Edit 1: I also found on hackster this, but it uses the xfOpenCV instead of Vitis Vision Library:

You can check

For z1/z2/zcu104, we actually got the HLS IP from Vitis library and used Vitis to build the entire design. You can also check the notebook to see how we interact with buffers / dma / etc.

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Thank you very much for your reply @rock . :heart: I really appreciate your help! And I will check it out.

May I ask your for your design flow? Because I looked into the GitHub Page and Linux was used. Unfortunately I only have installed Vitis Platform on my Windows 10 Machine. Additionally I have an Virtual Machine that runs Vivado 2018.3 and the SDx Devoloper environment.

Do you think I can I also run the examples on my Windows 10 Machine ?

You can use the vagrant flow to setup ubuntu VM and then build image from there.

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thank you @rock I’ll check it out!!