Issue with fetching the specific python package

I am working on PYNQ-Z2 board and booted with the image pynq_z2_v2.7.0. I am trying to build tvm vta framework on fpga. I am referring to Xilinx Pynq FPGA Setup contents from VTA installation guide(VTA Installation Guide — tvm 0.15.dev0 documentation). While following these commands i am facing issue at the time of running server. Error shows that there is no specific module found, but when i tried to find the module manually i am able to get the module location. Is there anything to do with the python version clashes or any other reason. Kindly look into this issue.

Thank you,
Soma Sreesaran.

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Those instructions are using an older PYNQ image (v2.5). It looks like something has changed or the module required no longer exists.

Did you try to install this module?

Try this?