Key error on Overlay load

Hello all,

I am trying to bring up this block design under PYNQ 2.6 on a ZCU111.

When I try to load the overlay, I get the following error:

I found out the block that causes the error is the zynq_ultra_ps_e_0. Clearly, the processor block has no “interrupts” key. Yet the connection between the pl_ps_irq0 pin of the zynq_ultra_ps_e_0 block and the s2mm_introut pin of the axi_dma_adc block appears to be correctly configured, and passes design validation. I’ve even disconnected the two and reconnected them, with no joy.

Anyone have any ideas? Here is the HWH file: SuperRF19.hwh (618.8 KB)

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I used this blog to define a working interrupt: An Example for the PYNQ Interrupt Subsystem

The advise is to use an AXI Interrupt Controller:


There is a bug in the current pynq version that prevents this type of direct connections from working, this is fixed in the upcoming version.

As @jancumps mention you can add an interrupt controller, the other workaround is to add an concat block in the interrupt path. If you use more that one interrupt, you will need an interrupt controller.

The fix and more documentation here