Kria KV260 + PYNQ : hard time trying to make it work


I am having a hard time trying to install and make work PYNQ on Kria KV260. Any help or suggestions will be welcome.
My config:

  • Kira KV260
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (because I was not able to make Ubuntu 22.04 work correctly. Same problem as described in KR260 Desktop Issue
  • PYNQ v1.0 (checkout to branch v1.0 asked by the install script)
  • Software: provided example “2_python_environment.ipynb”

I went through the installation of PYNQ by cloning the GitHub repository and following the instructions, and I am able to start JupyterLab. Problems arise when I try to execute the provided kernel “2_python_environment.ipynt”, in section “Numpy Data Movement”:

import numpy as np
import pynq

def get_pynq_buffer(shape, dtype):
    """ Simple function to call PYNQ's memory allocator with numpy attributes"""
        return pynq.allocate(shape, dtype)
    except RuntimeError:
        print('Load an overlay to allocate memory')

pynq.allocate() does not work. Looking deeper, It seems that the problem comes from the function _get_xrt_version_embedded() of /usr/local/share/pynq-venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pynq/pl_server/

def _get_xrt_version_embedded():
    output =
        ["xbutil", "--version"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, universal_newlines=True
    if output.returncode != 0:
        warnings.warn("xbutil failed to run - unable to determine XRT version")
        return (0, 0, 0)
    xrt_version_str = output.stdout.split("\n")[0].split(":")[1].strip()

    return tuple(map(int, xrt_version_str.split(".")))

“xbutil” has no option “–version”. As a quick workaround, I have replaced the code by xrt_version_str = "1.1.0" (this is given by xbutil dump). But back to “2_python_environment.ipynt”, I have a problem with get_pynq_buffer() function in the next section of code:

buffer = get_pynq_buffer(shape=(4,4), dtype=np.uint32)

This time, It seems that there is a problem with “global_state_file_exists” in /usr/local/share/pynq-venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pynq/pl_server/

I am wandering if I have missed something during the installation or made some mistakes.
Has anyone successfully run PYNQ / Ubuntu on Kria (which version of PYNQ/Ubuntu please)?


I failed this example as well but on a different board with a different image.

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Hi @JPR75,

Many thanks for reporting this.

For the global_state_file issue, would you mind running cell 1 of kv260/microblaze_c_libraries.ipynb


This will download the base overlay and should create the global_state_file if it does not exist already. Then can you try rerunning 2_python_environment.ipynb and report back?

Thanks for flagging the change in the options for xbutil. I’ll try and look into that at some point today.

Many thanks,

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Thank you for your help.

I had to add the ignore_version=True option, because my is 2.1 instead of 2.0:

from kv260 import BaseOverlay

base = BaseOverlay('base.bit', ignore_version=True)

and that solved the problem. I am now able to run the “Numpy Data Movement” section of 2_python_environment.ipynb.