I need to use 2 overlays, how can I do?

Hi, I need to use streaming video hdmi while executing an image processing algorithm from Bnn which is into another overlay.
I already know it is not possible to use 2 or more overlays together. My question is how to create a new overlay with these properties or modify base or bnn in a way that they could ?

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I need this too. Pls help me!

I would think you’d have to make a custom overlay that comprised both pieces of fabric definition into ONE .bit file, etc. It’s about the same real class of things you’d need to do to make a new board directory for the main repo. Going to be honest here…some of this is clumsy AND fragile to work with.


Two options:
Time domain method, overlay load-> store data → overlay reload → data reload
Partial reconfiguration method, core overlay load, PR design 1 load → store data → PR design 2 load → data reload.

If you use PYNQ 2.7:

If you use PYNQ 3.1:
You can simply use BDC-block design container

Enjoy~ =]

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