Make builds pynq-z1 and z2 but not ZCU104

I’m using pynq v2.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 (for supporting Xilinx tools 2018.3)
With a fresh git clone, make builds both pynq-z1 and pynq-z2 but produces this error when trying ZCU104:

mkdir -p /home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/build/ZCU104
cp /home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/boot/image_aarch64.its /home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/build/ZCU104/image.its
rm -rf /home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/build/ZCU104/petalinux_bsp
mkdir -p /home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/build/ZCU104/petalinux_bsp
BSP=xilinx-zcu104-v2018.3-final-v2.bsp BSP_BUILD=/home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/build/ZCU104/petalinux_bsp BSP_ABS=/home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/../boards/ZCU104/xilinx-zcu104-v2018.3-final-v2.bsp BSP_PROJECT=xilinx-zcu104-2018.3 /home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/scripts/ /home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/../boards/ZCU104 zynqMP
+ set -e
+ board=/home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/../boards/ZCU104
+ template=zynqMP
+ '[' '!' -z xilinx-zcu104-v2018.3-final-v2.bsp ']'
+ cp -f /home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/../boards/ZCU104/xilinx-zcu104-v2018.3-final-v2.bsp /home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/build/ZCU104/petalinux_bsp
cp: cannot stat '/home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/../boards/ZCU104/xilinx-zcu104-v2018.3-final-v2.bsp': No such file or directory
Makefile:298: recipe for target '/home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/build/ZCU104/petalinux_bsp/xilinx-zcu104-2018.3.bsp' failed
make: *** [/home/joan/pynq/sdbuild/build/ZCU104/petalinux_bsp/xilinx-zcu104-2018.3.bsp] Error 1

any clues?

I believe ZCU104 needs a Vivado video license to build correctly. It fails on my end as well.


In that case the error message is about the most confusing. If they are not going to help, why having that stream of random text?

You can try downloading the .bsp from Xilinx and place it in …/boards/ZCU104. That way, you’d avoid having to build the logic from scratch and needing the license.


Yes, it’s probably a good idea. I just built one from scratch and took many hours.

The error you are seeing is due to the absence of the bsp inside the ZCU104 board folder when trying to build. Since Xilinx provides an official BSP for that board (available here) that’s the one we use and support.
Also, to my knowledge, Vivado WebPACK should be enough to build also the ZCU104, so it should not really be a licensing issue.

EDIT: my bad, the ZCU104 requires the HDMI license, so even if it is supported by the webpack, you’ll need that license for it to build.