MRF24WG0MA Wifi pmod module on PYNQ-Z1

Hi Pynq community, this is my first time posting in this forum!

I have a Digilent pmod wifi module (link below) which I would like to use with my PYNQ-Z1 board.
I have read through the RF chip module documentation and it seems that I need some special dedicated Microchip libraries in order to properly interface with this wifi module.

I am kind of lost at the moment on how to proceed and would like to ask for a bit of guidance.

Basically I can think about two options:

-Is there is any simple way to integrate these libraries into my existing overlay? (I am using the default base overlay). I would like to integrate these additional libraries within the default base overlay’s pmod microblaze.

-If this cannot be done in a sample manner; what should I do in this case? I would like to keep some of the features offered through the base overlay (i.e, the arduino and pmod microblazes - in addition to this wifi module, I have some additional grove sensors that I communicate with using the arduino microblaze)

I hope my explanation is clear and makes sense.

Thanks for your comments!!

Link to digilent wifi pmod module: Pmod WiFi - Digilent Reference
PYNQ image version: 2.7.0


What do you want to use the Pmod WiFi for?
It has a SPI interface, so you may be able to port the software to run on a MicroBlaze in the base overlay. This is probably more of an advanced project, so this may be difficult if you are a beginner.

If you just want WiFi on your board, you can get inexpensive USB WiFi dongle that will work out of the box with PYNQ. Is this an option for you?


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Hi Cathal,

Well I got myself this Pmod WiFi module and I would like to be able to use it :smiley: (For the sake of learning)

If I understood you correctly, I would need to create a new MicroBlaze in order to load all of these special libraries right?

I guess that for doing this I will need to generate a new bit stream with Vivado including my “new” MicroBlaze; please correct me if I am wrong.

I have read a bit through the PYNQ documentation and I guess I could give it a try, the only thing is that I am not sure how to generate the needed BSP for this microblaze and for the other “standard” MicroBlaze architectures already included in the base Overlay (i.e. the arduino and Pmod Microblazes)

Maybe you have some reference guide that I could look at in order to try implementing this?


You may not need to create a new MicroBlaze, but it may be better to create a simple design with just one MicroBlaze rather than trying to get it to work with one of the MicroBlazes in the base overlay.
Once you get it working, you could then try get it working with the base Overlay if you want to.

When you create a MicroBlaze in Vivado and export it to SDK/Vitis, the BSP can be created. You can configure the settings for the BSP or just leave the default. If you follow any tutorial for the MicroBlaze you will see this step.

As this is a Pmod, I’d suggest you try searching on the Digilent forums for info on how to do this. I can see a few related posts and tutorials.

This may be of use:


Hi Cathal,

Alright, sounds like a good starting point for me. Thanks a lot!