No Module called "pynq"

Hi marioruiz,

I am not too familiar with allocate, the idea is to reset xilinx driver

The previous
from pynq import xlnk

can I replace these New lines with
from pynq import allocate

or is there any method to pass, as I don’t seem to see more on the allocate library


xlnx is not used anymore in 2.7. In the 2.7 image we use XRT for memory allocation.
I think the reset is not necessary in 2.7.

For clarification, why do you need to reset the driver?



From my observation, the identifies the pynq device using these lines of code
if env.TARGET == “pynq”:
from pynq import xlnk

However, as you suggested, I tried removing the reset, I now meet this error “RuntimeError: No Devices Found”