Pc and pynq board ethernet connection

I am having linux os pc , and pynq z2 board. I have to open jupyter notebook by pynq board , I connected one end of ethernet cable to pc , and another end of ethernet cable to board . For internet connection, pc is connected to my phone’s wifi hotspot. after boot up , by typing ifconfig, wlo1 for pc have one ip address. in ssh for pynq board, by typing ifconfig , ip address is not generated , whether to change it manually? how to give ip address? for pc’s eno1 ip address is also to be changed? what address to five there?

Hi @umamaheswari,

In the setup guide there are troubleshooting steps: PYNQ-Z2 Setup Guide — Python productivity for Zynq (Pynq)

You can connect via the serial terminal and check the status of the board.