Ping: Temporary failure in name resolution


Every time I try to upgrade anything on my PYNQ-Z2 Board I get a message like that unless I manually upload the python package to the board and go thought a bunch od steps to make it work. I can tell it’s an issue with the configuration of the ip address because when I ping a website, let’s say google I get the dreaded “ping: google: Temporary failure in name resolution” error. How do I fix this, please?

How is your board connected to your network?

I connect it via an ethernet cable by using an ethernet to USB converter.16194244198924807668931098938973|666x500

Your board isn’t connected to the internet, only directly to your laptop.
Can you connect your board to a network switch/router?


Thank you so much for you help!! They did not explain this well enough during our program. Quick question, are we able to use the latest version if python with out Board? Is there a specific way to go around it? I’m trying to add machine learning module to python so we can do classification studies.