Pynq z2 connexion with computer and router

PYNQ Z2 board running PYNQ Z2 v3.0.1 software.

Hi everyone, after connecting my board to the router, I searched for the IP address assigned by the router. I tried to access Jupyter Notebook using this IP, but nothing happened. The same thing happens when I use the IP

Is there an alternative way for my laptop to access my board on the internet? Note that I have already set up the IPv4 with the necessary value, and i can acess to jupyter notebook when I plug the board with laptop but she cant acess t internet.
thanks in advance

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Hi @abderrahmane_smaali,

Welcome to the PYNQ community.

Did you tried adding the port to the IP you got from the router?, you should also be able to do pynq:9090

If none of this work, what is the output of ifconfig on the board?


Hi Mario,
It appears that I forgot to add 9090 for my IP address, now it works fine, thank you for your support and your quick response

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