Problem between DSP and PYNQ-Z2

Continuing the discussion from Spi on PYNQ-Z2 Pmod:

The pynq-z2 board can use slave now, but there is a problem when communicating with DSP. We initially guessed that there would be one more 0 at the front. For example, if I originally wanted to transfer 1111111111111111, the result would be 01111111111111111. The redundant 1 would be pushed to the next column, but after trying to push all of them forward manually, there still be some errors, so I don’t know what caused the problem.

As i mentioned earlier in previous post, the slave mode has a bug (i think) which provide inconstitant data at beginning which i could not solve either, sometimes it adds 1 cycle, sometimes 2 and sometimes none. I don’t think it is problem with the DSP, more like it is related with the IP itself.

It turns out that our guess is right, but there are some mistakes pushing the data manually in the Python code. It works fine now although the bug still exists.