PYNQ board and GPU integration

Has anyone tried connecting a FPGA board with a GPU like the NVIDIA Jetson Board?


Out of this forum support ground.
But I will personally provide some info:
FPGA + GPU is commonly found in research paper.
Most design need FPGA support PCIe x4 or x8 Gen2 or Gen3 above.
Aka Riffa or Xilinx DMA PCIe
Any network like 1Gbps can also make FPGA connect to host(PC) with GPU but the latency and bandwidth is suboptimal.

Such that the computation can be divided into each best location.
Specific algorithm can be accelerate on FPGA while Tensor Core can do neural computation very well these days.


This group built a soft GPU in the programmable logic, and used PYNQ that may be of interest:

(You may need IEEE sign-in to access the full paper)


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