PYNQ receiving some power over HDMI

I’ve been working on some computer vision with the PYNQ hooked up to an HDMI TV to use as a monitor to display output frames. Every once in a while the hdmi output overlay has trouble and I’ll restart the kernel, but that usually doesn’t help too much. I go to cycle power on the PYNQ and I’ve noticed the PYNQ’s indicator lights (red light and DONE indicator) are powered up when the HDMI is plugged into output. This seems like something is bypassing the regulator and likely unsafe/cause of HDMI issues. Is this expected from HDMI monitors? The port is not an MDL port which concerns me, and I’d like to not fry the board… Rebooting the PYNQ without HDMI plugged in doesn’t have any lingering issues as far as I can tell

This is known to us, but we don’t find it a big problem. It has always been like this.