Pynq stop at the vdma writing

I create a image processing IP, and overlay it on my pynq-z1, but when i write a image in vdma , the process maybe stop, but the kernel is still alive.the files all my project is included in the rar. thanks for helping (401.2 KB)

Can you explain your problem more clearly and in more detail?
What do you mean by “process” and “kernel”? These could refer to different parts of the PYNQ system. e.g. OS kernel, Jupyter kernel, hardware kernel?


ok, when i executed to the line “vdma0.writechannel.writeframe(f)”, the Jupyter kernel seems die. there is a " * " at the head of the line, like it is always executing the line.

What do you think the problem might be?


maybe the interrupt i think, and the line cannot stop executing.

The interrupt from your custom IP?
You haven’t posted any code or information about your IP.


and i modified the axi interrupt controller,but it’s still (405.0 KB)

If you are not sure about the AXI interrupt controller, you can just remove it off your block design, and connect the interrupt of your IP directly to a xlconcat block, then connect to pl_to_ps irq. That way you still have interrupts firing from PL to PS but you can avoid the use of AXI interrupt controller.

hey,rock.Thanks for your reply. Now i checked the interrupt controller, and the wrong isn’t in the controller. i think something wrong happened in my default ip. I made the ip in the vivado HLS, and it worked well when i tested it in the HLS using the testbench. but when i added it in the project, especially when i write the vdma, the vdma should write the image to the image process ip, but it always doing this step and no end.still like this:
it worried me so long time…I have post the files in the zip, whats wrong do you think in the ip? (250.9 KB)