Pynq with custom board w/o SD card

I want to design my own custom board and use Pynq on it without an SD card.
In such case, I understand I need to use sufficient memory size (DDR4 of minimum 8GB?). Is that so?
Can I use DIMMs of DDR4? any limitations?
Any chance the image size could be smaller so I will be able to place 4GB on the board, for example?

For the PYNQ image, we recommend 8GB SD card to boot the board from, not DDR. You may be able to remove some parts of the boot image. If you look at the image build, you can see a lot of additional (Python) packages are included by default.
For DDR >=512MB is recommended, but again, you may be able to run with less.


Thanks. Understood.
Can I replace the sd card with EMMC, just like a regular PetaLinux build?
What are the implications in such case, if any, and if you could share few tips on how to do it right…

You should be able to. I haven’t tried this, so can’t suggest any tips.