PYNQ-Z1 boot from QSPI Flash

How can you boot the PYNQ image from QSPI flash on the PYNQ-Z1? I need build a flash image that includes the PYNQ image + custom overlay.



I think that you don’t have enough space in SPI flash to store the PYNQ image.

You need at least 8GB space. And the built-in flash has only 16MB.

Can you explain why you need this?


We have purchased several PYNQ-Z1 cards, and we are using them in an automated testing application where the card is powered by the test station 12V supply.
The power can be removed at any time, and this has already resulted in 2 corrupted SD cards. If I can boot from the QSPI flash, I will not need the SD cards, and I should not have any issues. Otherwise, the PYNQ-Z1 works great.




Rather than booting from QSPI you could boot from an SD card but use a ramdisk based system rather than running from the SD card. That way the SD card is only ever read and on top of that is only read at boot time. You probably can’t run the full stack of Ubuntu from that environment but the PYNQ Python package is now in PetaLinux so you could create a stripped down Linux environment from there.


Thanks for the response. I will look into building a ramdisk based system.


Hello @bagwellg,

Another solution is to boot the OS from a network file system. In this solution you also have to tweak the system to get uboot to boot from the network.