Pynq-Z1 HDF doesn't work with petalinux

I’ve noticed that the pynq HDF file doesn’t work with the petalinux build process.

I’ve successfully built the Pynq-Z1 vivado project and exported the HDF file.

I then use the following commands to start and execute a petalinux project

  1. Export HDF to petalinux directory
  2. create petalinux project: petalinux-create --type project --template zynq --name peta_proj
  3. Bring in HDF file: petalinux-config --get-hw-description=…/
  • my HDF file is one directory up from petalinux project folder.

All of this goes fine, but when I run petalinux-build I get the following error based on the video_axi_vdma: mm2s_introut port disconnected. The problem is that in the BD this port is connected to the interrupt system. I get this error when running the standard Pynq-Z1 HDF file through petalinx with no modifications of any sort by me.

Why would petalinux think the interrupt from the video dma is disconnected when it is shown as connected in the BD? I thought that you could build a new petalinux image based just of the HDF file using this approach but it seems like I’m missing something.

Error log attached. I saved this in notepadqq on my linux system and the attached log is properly formatted.

petalinux_pynqZ1_errorlog1.txt (5.7 KB)

A block design would be helpful - we don’t know how things are connected.

Maybe the interrupt pins are not connected? Try to connect them to a concat block and then to the PS7 IRQ_F2P port.

It looks like it is connected as you’ve described. I’m just working with the Pynq-Z1 BD from the default Pynq-Z1 project. This block design is the result of running make in the /boards/Pynq-Z1 directory. I’ve also attached the BD here. (21.9 KB)

This BD looks like the base overlay. The default one to generate petalinux bsp/project is an empty block design (with only PS and a couple of other trivial blocks).

Oh I just meant I’m trying to run petalinux with the overlay (BD) that results from running the make file. But either way - the BD i attached errors out in petalinux which is strange because it will build with the PYNQ make which uses petalinux (I thought).

I am not sure why you want to rebuild a bsp on pynq-z1 using the base overlay - The easiest way to get started, however, is to use the trivial pynqz1.tcl project. But if you really want to dive into the petalinux flow you can try follow the steps:

I just thought it was odd I couldn’t build petalinux only using the Pynq-Z1 HDF file. I deleted the video block and pmod block and got a successfull petalinux build.

Thanks Rock!