Succesfully (?) created PYNQ image doesn't boot


I’ve created a PYNQ v2.4 image for my Zybo-Z7-20 board, but it doesn’t boot.
There’s no output at all on the serial port, nothing to find on, and also the green “done” LED doesn’t light up.

This is my process for creating the image:

  • Create an empty block design in Vivado 2018.3, containing only the Zynq PS system, and apply board presets for my Zybo Z7.
  • Generate bitstream and export HDF.
  • Create Petalinux BSP, using the following commands:
    petalinux-create --type project --template zynq --name ZyboZ720
    petalinux-config --get-hw-description=<path_to_HDF>
    petalinux-package --force --bsp -p <path_to_petalinux_project> --output xilinx-zyboz720-2018.3.bsp
  • Run the “” script, using previously created BSP and the PYNQ rootfs arm v2.4 image
  • Script finishes without errors, and results in an image in the output folder

But this image doesn’t boot? So is there something wrong with the HDF or the petalinux BSP? Both files are attached.
The build environment should be ok (Ubuntu 16.04, setup_host script ran without errors).

Here’s some other things I’ve already tested/tried:

  • My board can boot the PYNQ-Z1 image (not very useful, though, because the MIO configuration, DDR and a bunch of other stuff are different from the Zybo).
  • If I mount the SD card on my laptop, there doesn’t seem to be anything missing (1 partition with complete filesystem, 1 partition with BOOT.bin)

empty.hdf (285.9 KB) xilinx-zyboz720-2018.3.bsp (485.6 KB)

You might want to compare the ps configurations of you vivado project to pynq-z1. Also, you do not see anything on the terminal, and your LED does not light up, this looks like the bsp has a problem (perhaps fsbl).