PYNQ - Z1: Trying to signal two digital pins depending upon the d_out from XADC Wiz

Hello Everyone,

I want to do a ADC conversion on my PYNQ board and then, depending upon the ADC value, I want to signal the Digital pins on board… D0 and D1. So, I am providing my input signal through Vp_Vn pins and then I have made a another module using Vivado Suite which takes the 16 bit digital value from the d_out of the XADC Wiz and the other pin is conected to the eoc_out pin on the wizard. Then depending on the conditional statements, I am signal the output pins which are connected to the LEDS[0:3] on board. My sampling rate is 25MHz.

Now, the problem is that the S2 which is connected to LED[3] is always HIGH which means that maybe the sampling rate is too fast that my eyes are unable to clarify whether the other LEDs are showing any result or not. Or maybe their are some other issue.

I have included the screenshots for board design.

Please Help!!

25MHz is too fast for your eyes. I think you should consider down-sampling it to a range of 5Hz or so.