PYNQ-Z2 not use xdevcfg driver

I found the PYNQ-Z2 image v2.3-v2.6, is not have xdevcfg. not can use the “cat XXX.bit > /dev/xdevcfg” function. it have a new drive fpga manager. but v2.2 have xdecfg.I want to know if have a way to also add the xdevcfg driver to new pynq image?

xdevcfg was deprecated a couple of years ago. Can you use FPGA manager instead?


yes.the FPGA manager I test.this driver currently must use the .bin file to upload. but I want to install a software it base the xdevcfg I found. so I want to aks if have some good way to solve it.

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Starting at the top, the PYNQ framework uses iPython and Juypter notebooks enabling a browser-based In the PYNQ framework, the xdevcfg driver is used.


Can you use an older version of PYNQ?