Pynq-z2 upload overlay connect time out

Hi all, I have get the ‘cnn.bit’ file, but when I upload it, it always tell me connected time out.
Here is the question picture. Does anyone know how to fix this, thanks in advance.

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Are you able to download other bitstream? The base overlay for instance.


Yes, I can.

Can you please try to run the cell multiple times?

I’m new to this and don’t really understand it, can you tell me how to do it, or what code should be run?


Simply re execute the same cell a few times and let me know if you are successful in any of the executions.


I have run 10 times, and all times is succeed.

Can you please do the same for the cnn.bit?

I have try, but it show me the same error.

Is it possible for you to share the cnn.bit and cnn.hwh?

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I have download it from this website.

Hi @376197315,

According to the hwh file, the bitstream is targeting a 7010 device, which is not the same device as the PYNQ-Z2. Hence, the reason of failure.

@briansune what board is the bitstream targeting? Could you please add it to the README?


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First I am sorry about developers don’t check before use (there are no directly said it is targeted for PYNQ-Z2) but I had given a resources usage table.
I will always expect people to recompile on their working environment.

I will add a Highlight about the chip info this is targeting.

Hi @briansune,

For people without much experience a resources table doesn’t say much. It would be best explicitly say what platform is supported to avoid confusion.


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Hi @marioruiz

True, I guess the chip info is more than enough as even it is on a different board as long as the chip is the same (excluding the speed grade) as -1 to -3 is just the timing stuff.
So this is universal enough.
Correct me if this is still not good enough.

Thank you

I would suggest that you add custom board next to the device so as to avoid any confusion.

Thank you.

Thank you for your help.