Rehoming my ZCU111 and ZCU216. Free stuff, y'all!

Yo, fellow Pinksters…

My commercial use of a ZCU111 plus Avnet Qorvo 1800 board as well as a ZCU216 has come to en end. I would like to donate these boards to some academic program or other non-profit.

The ZCU111 and Qorvo 1800 board have seen heavy use but the ZCU216 has only been turned on a few times. I believe both boards are 100% functional. At least, both the ZCU11 and ZCU216 boot PYNQ. Thanks to the other Pinksters for the “unofficial” ZCU216 port.

Please contact me here, if you’re deserving enough to put either of these boards to good use in your research programs.


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Probably a bit late, but I could use it for research at my University in Denmark