ZCU104 Pynq v2.5 Constant Reboot

Hi everyone,

I am currently running Pynq v2.5 (Glasgow Release) on a ZCU104 platform. For the past year, the board has been running perfectly fine until yesterday where I am encountering the system getting stuck in a constant reboot.

The leds make it to green and then after 2-3 seconds they go back to red and the U-Boot procedure restarts. Looking at the logs, I dont see anything weird, but wanted to know if anyone has ran into this before.

I have re-imaged the SD card a few times and even tried another SD card as well.


If you have tried a new SD card, it probably isn’t related to PYNQ and may be an issue with the board or power supply.
Have you another bootable image for the board like a ZCU104 ref design you can try?


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