RFSoC 4x2 Reference Manual


I started using the RFSoC 4x2 with PYNQ. The forum already helped me a lot to start my project. I have a first question :
The reference manual says :
"The ADCs and DACs in the RFSoC device are organized into tiles, with
two ADCs and two DACs per tile. On the RFSoC 4x2 board, SMA
connectors drive four ADCs in two tiles: ADCA and ADCB (as labelled
on the board) are connected to the ADCs in tile 224, and ADCC and
ADCD to the ADCs in tile 226; and two DACs in two tiles: DACA in tile
228 and DACB in tile 230. "
but the picture in the base example is different :

I built my own overlay and for me the error is in the reference manual.
Can anyone confirm that the error is in the reference manual?

Best regards,


Hi Lorry,

According to the schematic (pages 27-28):

Board Name Tile# ADC#
ADC_A 226 23
ADC_B 226 01
ADC_C 224 23
ADC_D 224 01
DAC_A 230 0
DAC_B 228 0

So it looks like your diagram is correct.



Hello Josh,

The Reference Manual has been updated (A5).



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