RFSoc 4x2 Signal generation


I have a RFSoc 4x2,I want to generate signals of a1cos(2pif1t) from one DAC output and other DAC output to be a1cos(2pif1t) +a2cos(2pi(f1+f2)t), here I need to change a1 and a2 , where f1 =1GHz and f2 ranges from (1Hz to 10 MHz ) can I have help in this to generate the required signals


This request might interest you:

RFSoC 4x2 How to generate square wave

However, as the person who opened that topic, I would say it is not a direct solution. I still am trying to find a direct solution to make the DAC to give out a set of pre-defined pulse-streams without using the microprocessor. All in all, AXI connections and DMA makes it more complicated than it should be. But it sadly seems making a direct connection between the RF data converter block and a pre-defined data wire on Vivado is not working.

Is there a way to make the RF DAC to give always a specific pattern (let’s say 256’hFFFF0000FFFF0000; each letter corresponding to one voltage level, thus giving 16 levels in total in series) at a specific signal speed (let’s say 6.4Gbps) by just using the RF data converter IP but nothing else?