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I would like to clone some driver design to the kernel driver location:
I am not sure which part of the script should I touch.
Meanwhile, I guess the SD build script runs the petalinux config as default kernel from the PetaLinux install rather than git cloning and setting a path?

From PYNQ config file

@stf Could guide a bit, which this topic found in previous post but no response nor just simply suggest XIL_IN32 or XIL_OUT32 methods.

Thank you,

To settle this in the most laziest way HAHA =]

@ Makefile

$$(PL_PROJ_$1)/images/linux/system.dtb: $$(PL_CONFIG_$1)
$$(PL_ENV_$1) petalinux-build -c device-tree -p $$(PL_PROJ_$1)

ADD copy kernel driver HERE, add tab remember

$$(PL_PROJ_$1)/images/linux/$$(KERNEL_$$(ARCH_$1)): $$(PL_CONFIG_$1)
$$(PL_ENV_$1) petalinux-config -c kernel -p $$(PL_PROJ_$1)
$$(PL_ENV_$1) petalinux-build -c kernel -p $$(PL_PROJ_$1)

Manually configure the driver to embedded or module now all set =]


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