Error loading base overlay after build linux with petalinux

Hi everyone,

I was working generating a kernel image from the repository of Pynq with the idea, for future projects, to modify Linux with others device drivers or requirementes.

First i wrote an sd card with the image compiled provided in the documentation (v2.4).

Then i wanted to generate the boot files to replace the files in the sd card to be sure that the process of generate the image file of kernel works well. So I started doing “make” in the sdbuild to generate the petalinux project. Next, i made “petalinux-build” to generate the image.ub file and I generated the BOOT.bin file.

When I finished to generate the files for boot, y copy them into the boot directory of the sd card which was wrote.

When i switch on the Pynq-Z1, I entered to an example python code, but when i run the code i obtain the following error.

And if i want to run the code with other bitstream, i have the following error too for example:

I don’t know if i need to configure something with the commend “petalinux-config” in the kernel or filesystem to make Pynq work well loading overlays in the FPGA. Do you know how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

You are likely using a different bistream while relying on the provided You can see in both cases it is erroring out in at the top of the stack trace.
You need to edit and remove any reference to IPs you have either renamed or removed from the original base overlay.

EDIT: or use the generic Overlay class instead of the BaseOverlay one (that’s actually the recommended approach for custom overlays. BaseOverlay defined in is designed to work with the provided base overlay)


It is working. Thanks!

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