SD image for custom board failed

Hello there,
I run, as instructed :
make BOARDDIR=<myboards_folder>
The build went on for several hours but failed in the end. Where can I find the whole build.log? Attached is only the final snippet I copied from the terminal window. It suggests Cython is missing, can it be? maybe there is more if I can get a full log.
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failure.log (103.2 KB)

So I deleted the pynq_git_hub_cloned/sdbuild/build/Ax folder, installed Cython and rerun:
make BOARDDIR=<myboards_folder>
in pynq_git_hub_cloned/sdbuild
As you can see from the attached log, build failed again, though, this time, for no evident reason.
failure.log (112.6 KB)

Hi, the error is not suggesting you have some dependencies on the build machine. It is rather the image problem. This seems to be a pandas package problem. Which architecture is your board? If it is zynq7000, make sure its arch is set to arm. If it is zynq ultrascale, make sure it is set to aarch64.

Also, when such an error fails, you need to unmount the image before you build again.
Something like:

sudo losetup -a

This will show the mounted image <image_file>.

Then if bionic.arm is mounted (depending on where you failed, it might be another disk mounted).

sudo umount . /build/bionic.arm/boot
sudo umount ./build/bionic.arm
sudo kpartx -d <image_file>

You failure is about bionic.arm.stage2.img. So you can also delete this image file and do make again.

If you did something wrong about the architecture, probably you need to do a make clean and then make again.

Thanks Rock,
It is a Zynq-7000.
my spec file:

  • ARCH_Ax := arm
  • BSP_Ax :=
  • BITSTREAM_Ax := ax_top_bd_wrapper.bit
  • STAGE4_PACKAGES_Ax:= pynq

I think today I built on a clean machine, but will retry tomorrow after power cycling it.
Where I can see a log file related with the failure? there is hundreds of logs…

It is usually the first error that I look for… Sorry this can be frustrating sometimes…