Setup a firewall on PYNQ v.2.7

Is there a way to enable a simple firewall configuration, like just allow a certain IP range for ssh connections, on PYNQ?

I tested iptables, but that does not seem to work and the system freezed.
My system configuration is a PYNQ pre-build image for Pynq Z2 Version 2.7.

Thanks in advance

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This isn’t really specific to PYNQ. I think you would be better searching on Linux/Ubuntu forums.
A quick google seems to give lots of things to try:…69i57j33i160.8062j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8



Thanks for the hint!

I tried several of the solutions with no success. Regarding the iptables solution, it seems that some kernel modules like iptables-mangle are missing in the pre-build image and I was curious whether there is a way around building a custom kernel with those modules enabled. However, I didn’t try to modify the host file, which I will do next.

Thanks once again