Sobel Filter IP

Hi, I created a custom IP for the Ultra96 board starting from the SOBEL FILTER algorithm* example provided here using Vivado HLS. The creation of the IP is successful, the obtained scheme is the one attached below:

At the moment the the two images i get are wrong.
Anyone can check if the IP connections are right?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Connections look OK.
Did you run co-sim in HLS?


Hi Chatal,
No, I couldn’t even simulate the IP Sobel filter stand alone, I am working on windows 10 environment and xilinx people advice me to use Linux.
so Im installing ubuntu to see if I get best results.
many thanks, Franco

I’m not sure why you were told that. It shouldn’t really matter if you are using Windows/Linux to develop your IP.
I’d suggest the problem is probably with your code, and not your OS.