Streaming Audio with HDMI IN/OUT

I would like to ask whether the PYNQ-Z1 can support audio streaming over HDMI i.e., after tying HDMI IN and HDMI OUT, can I stream audio on an external monitor at the output of the HDMI OUT port.

Board: PYNQ-Z1
HDMI IN: Video source (laptop) with audio
HDMI OUT: Monitor sink (supports audio)


Source code taken from hdmi_introduction.ipynb notebook.

Thanks for the help!


HDMI protocol itself have commercial license fee usage agreement.
Testing purpose should be good to ignore that.

However this require more complex front and bank porch packages:

Provide a open source design here:
You can use DMA stream to passive audio to the IP and sampling frequency 48K

Enjoy~ =]

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Thank you very much for the response!
I will try to integrate this into my environment.

Thanks again!