I have bought PYNQ-Z1 last year, and I am trying to study about FPGA with my friend.
I want to develop an original digital signage, which I want to show the rescaled TV broadcast on screen and place the scrolling text in the empty bottom area on the screen(see attached jpg image).
Although, I have found out that the on board HDMI is allowed to use only the video signal(only DVI signal is available by on board HDMI), which means that I can not get the sound signal from the input HDMI and overlay some text and output this by HDMI on the monitor.
*Many other boards are also having the same problem because the on board HDMI is using an ADV7511, which can only use DVI signal through HDMI.
*Also, there is a problem by using a free IP, because this can not handle sound signal through HDMI.
I could not find a non-free(payable) IP, which can use both video/sound signal through HDMI,
Only xilinx IP is available to use both video/sound signal through HDMI, but PYNQ-Z1 orZ2 are not capable to use these IP.
Does PYNQ ZU solve these problem?
If PYNQ ZU is using ADV7511 for on board HDMI, and has no capability to use xilinx IP, I need to find another way to solve my problems.