Sudden PYNQ jupyter error

Hi all,

I always worked with PYNQ to program my Xilinx ZCU111 board. So I did yesterday.
It worked for couple of hours, but suddenly I was not able to upload files, load a notebook or create new notebooks in jupyter anymore…
I did not change anything in jupyter, at the board or in the computer network configuration.
I’m a newbie and have absolutely no idea what to do.

The following errors occur when I do the just named operations:

  • If I want to upload my hardware files:
    The upload process freezes and the files are shown with 0 kB

  • If I want to create a new jupyter notebook
    I got the error message “Creating Notebook Failed. An error occured while creating a new notebook:
    Unexpected error while saving file:
    <<data_path>>/Untitled1.ipynb database or disk is full.”

I already deleted some of my projects to have more memory, but still got this error message.

  • If I want to open an existing jupyter notebook
    “Error loading notebook. An unkown error occured while loading this notebook. This version can load notebook formats or earlier. See the server log for details.”
    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to access the server log.

I hope anyone can help me.
Thank you!

Kind regards

Here an image of the error messages when creating or loading a jupyter notebook:

have you tried running df -h to see how much space is actually free? you can also check your RAM with free. It is also possible your SD card got corrupted, that sometimes happens after longer usage. try to create and edit some files directly from within linux with vim or nano to see if that behaves correctly.

Thank you FrankB for your feedback.
Unfortunately, I have no idea how and where to run these commands.
I have now installed a new image on the SD card and jupyter works again.

Kind regards

ah, well good that you fixed your image. for in the future, you start a terminal from within jupyter to run those commands, or you can start putty and put it in serial mode (if you have the pynq attached by usb to your computer)