Not able to open PYNQ of on jupyter notebook

Please help me fix this

Which board & PYNQ image are you using?
Is this a new image, or an image you have been working with for some time?

Can you try check the log:


Can you try start Jupyter manually

jupyter notebook --no-browser --allow-root


I am using the PYNQ Z2 board and image version 2.5

The Linux is booting but I am not able to connect the jupyter notebook

Can you try the resolution in How I worked around startup issues with pynq z1?


Hi, Peter. I flashed the image version 2.4 onto the SD card and now I am able to open and use Jupyter Notebooks. However, I have been facing a problem

when trying to run git clone commands to run a QNN model from this repo :

Try updating the system clock with sudo date -s YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss. The 2.4 image is pretty old and it’s possible that the system time is earlier than the start time of the github certificate.