The final steps to a feedthrough implementation?

PYNQ3.0.1, ZCU208

After crawling through documentation and making incremental changes, I’ve finally been able to fully initialize the RFDC IP Core with some stuff attached to it. Now, what I would like to do is to use it to feed data from a function generator into the ADC, and read it back out from the DAC. Eventually I would like to store the data in a streaming pipelined fashion through memory to simulate the effects of long signal delays from a transmitter to a receiver, but… baby steps first.

Here’s the block design. I cribbed the packet controller IP because I thought perhaps TLAST not existing out of the RFDC core (I don’t understand why there isn’t one??) was the problem. I write “1” to the S_AXI registers required to enable the packet generator and pass in that the packet size is 1, so TLAST should go high on every transfer.
zcu208_RF0.pdf (247.6 KB)
The configuration of the RFDC IP is almost identical to that of the Radio example project.

First I would like to be able to read data into the memory from the ADC. I’ve dug around through some of the Base overlay and the radio receiver IP, and I think I’ve managed to configure my DMA correctly (since using that overlay I can read in accurate data no problem) but alas:
No data seems to get sent into the SoC environment, even though the Zynq PS DDR addresses are correctly assigned to the DMA M_AXI networks. Eventually I think I need to use the Data Mover IP to stream send/receive commands to keep the data flowing through the fabric without pause, but for the time being I’d be satisfied with sampling a signal and regenerating it on the other side (perhaps with some DC offset and adjusted gain).

Not sure at the moment where to look next for something to fix – there’s smoke coming out of my ears already from digging around in registers all day. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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