Ubuntu VM login Issue


I am setting up the PYNQ build environment and have successfully set it up to the point that I get to the VM login screen that prompts for the username/password. I wanted to make it clear that I am running the command -> “vagrant reload bionic” to open up the VM.
However, after I login with the correct credentials (username & password->vagrant), I received an error and the VM crashes. The error that I received states The instruction at 0x00007FF999F3D1AD referenced memory at 0x0000000000000068. The memory could not be read.. It also states that it is a VirtualBoxVM.exe-Application error,

I ran the vagrant script on the PYNQ repo to set up the environment.
Anyone know how to fix this issue?

If anyone is having issues with this, the way I solved it was by downgrading Virtual box from 6.1.10 to 6.0.22