What is the password of ubuntu 16.02 configuring from vagrantfile of PYNQ repository

Hello everyone,

Ubuntu installation has been completed successfully from vagrantfile of PYNQ repository.

Now It shows Desktop GUI after boot.
But it requires password.
I have tried for vagrant, pynq, pynq_vm, ubuntu, root.
None of this works.
What is the exact password of this ubuntu.
Please share me the password.

Thanks in advance

Ruhul Amin



For the vagrant-created pynq virtual machines, the username and password are both vagrant.

For passwords on PYNQ images, both are xilinx.

Thank you rock and Cathal for reply.

May be my explanation was not clear.

In the vagrant-created virtual machines from vagrant file, there are 3 users named Ubuntu, vagrant and Guest Session.

For vagrant user password is vagrant.
But what is the pass word of Ubuntu user?

Again when I want to increase vagrant user disk size it asks for Ubuntu password.

As vagrant-created pynq_vm virtual machine creates only 5.25GB disk space, how can I increase disk space as Xilinx tools and PetaLinux requires a large disk space to install.I have created share folder on this to access installation file and try for installation which shows these -

Any help will really help me greatly.

Best Regards
Ruhul Amin

Isn’t there another, bigger, partition? maybe /data is in the other partition?

Vagrant file should create a 100GB volume; maybe the VM has not been created correctly?