Ultra96 GPIO control 4 user controllable Leds

By checking the xdc file of the ultra96 v2 board, I found the package pin of the four user leds,

But those four package pins are all read-only, so I cannot set my output port to those pins. Then how can I connect them?

Hey there Di_Z,

I make no warranties of any kind for the attached notebook. The GPIO pin numbers may have changed. This was put together back in the days of PYNQ v2.3 or v2.4 for U96.

The principles it explains will still be valid. The LEDs are owned by the PS and have special drivers attached to them. You can find methods in the notebook that can show you how to use them from Python.

Kind regards

Ultra96_PYNQ_PS_IO_and_LEDs.ipynb (5.0 KB)