Ultrascale+ ZYNQ PYNQ Python Support on different package

Dear All,

I would like to learn more about Ultrascale+ ZYNQ (UZ) PYTHON support and the different API on different package.


  1. If not wrongly read, UZ have 484 pin package but the DDR speed it can support only go up to 1066MT/s. So it is almost same as ZYNQ 7000 main memory speed. So do Python have any advantage on such package compare to 7000 series alongside with CPU count?

  2. Where can we learn more about the MPSoc and Main CPU Python async processing or do it support such programming while running two sets of CPU(s) on multi functions.

  3. If not wrongly read, UZ have H264 hardware decode on some package and series, do Python have API utilizing such video advantages?

  4. UZ series provide PS PCIe and do such interface is supported by Python API? If so what mode does it support end-point etc?

Thank you~

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