USB Camera IN and HDMI OUT Display

Hello. I have a usb camera which I wish to interface with the development board in this manner…
-connect USB camera to board USB IN
-writing python application to some image processing based on opencv
-display the resulting image to HDMI out lcd display

Please suggest~

Hi there,

Most PYNQ supported boards, with the default image, will ship example notebooks doing exactly what you’ve described your use case to be, e.g. the opencv facedetect notebook will take a usb webcam input and stream into directly to an HDMI output…


Hi @skalade thanks for your reply. so this would work something like…
-getting data stream via uvc usb and I can write python script on board to run and display output on hdmi lcd?

Meant to link this notebook instead: PYNQ/opencv_face_detect_webcam.ipynb at master · Xilinx/PYNQ · GitHub. There are loads of video example notebooks you can browse on the default PYNQ image.

It’s an example of what you want to do. USB webcam to hdmi output.


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