USB device not recognized RFSoC 4*2


I’m trying to connect RFSoC 4*2 via USB to a PC (windows 11) to debug my implementation although in device manager is shown as an unknown device.

I have installed the cable drivers which is mentioned here. However, It did not solve my problem.

I also tried to connect to the board with USB 2 and 3 cables.

I’ll appreciate any help from you to solve my problem.

There is an issue with the USB controller on a certain batch of RFSoC 4x2 boards. You should contact the board manufacturer ( to determine if this is the issue with your board.


Hi Cathal,
Thanks for your answer.

Hi Cathal,

I have another board, and it doesn’t have this problem. When I connect it to the PC, it shows one new port. I was wondering how I can add the board to Vivado’s hardware manager. Is it even possible to debug my IP cores using the USB port?